Banana Ice Vape: A Disposable Vape with 5000 Puffs

Banana Ice Vape, a disposable vape with 5% nicotine salt and 5000 puffs. This device, which is made to offer a seamless and hassle-free vaping experience, is ideal for vapers who are constantly on the move.

With a 10-mlde-liquid volume, experience Long-Lasting Satisfaction.

The Banana Vape guarantees that you’ll never have to worry about running out of vape juice again thanks to its enormous 10ml e-liquid capacity. The energising flavours of ripe bananas and an icy twist explode from every puff. delivering a cool sensation that entices you to return for more.

Hits that are satisfying and have a 5% nic salt formulation.

You can enjoy every puff thanks to the smooth and satisfying hit provided by the 5% Nic salt formulation in the Banana Ice. The flavour of sweet bananas combined. The harmonious combination of the icy notes leaves you wanting more and tantalises your taste buds.

Performance Powered by a 650 mAh Battery

has a strong 650mAh battery inside. With the Ugly Monkey Vape, durability is guaranteed. Without having to be concerned about the battery dying quickly, you can indulge in lengthy vaping sessions. Simply use the Type C charging port on the device’s bottom to recharge the battery when it runs out of juice.

Simple and Convenient Disposable Design

The Banana Ice is ideal for vapers who prefer a hassle-free experience due to its disposable design. There is no longer a need to maintain a reusable device. Simply inhale the delicious banana vape until the battery or e-liquid runs out, then properly dispose of it.

Accept the Delectable Banana Ice Vaping Experience.

Enjoy the decadent flavours of Banana Ice Vape, which delivers the ideal harmony of banana goodness and a cool, refreshing kick. This disposable device’s i-flavouredzing flavours will satisfy your cravings whether you prefer banana ice vape juice, banana ice disposable vape, banana vape, or banana-flavored vape.

Anytime, Anywhere, Enjoy the Joy of Banana Ice

With banana ice, you can take the icy sensation and tropical flavour of bananas with you wherever you go. Because of its compact and lightweight design, it’s the perfect travel companion for vapers and lets you enjoy the mouthwatering banana ice flavour whenever you like.

Banana Dispose Vape’s Responsibility for Convenience

Simply dispose of the banana disposable vape responsibly after you’ve enjoyed every last puff and it has served its purpose. You won’t need to worry about maintaining, cleaning, or refilling a reusable device because it is disposable. It’s vaping made simple, allowing you to concentrate on how enjoyable it is to vape banana ice.

Banana Ice Vape offers a smooth, sweet, and hassle-free journey. With its generous e-liquid capacity, smooth Nic salt formulation, and long-lasting batter, banana posable will provide vapers with the ideal vaping experience. Today, give the Banana Ice Vape a try to experience the cooling delight of bananas in the tropics.

Additional information
Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 9 × 8 in

Box 10 Pieces, Master Case