A Smooth and Hassle-Free Vaping Experience: Lush Ice Vape

Well suited for vapers on the go.

Introducing the Lush Ice Vape, a disposable 5000-puff vape with 5% nicotine salt. designed to provide vapers with a smooth and hassle-free experience. The people who are constantly on the go and seeking the energising and refreshing flavours of luxuriant vaping are the target audience for this gadget.

Huge E-Liquid Capacity and Unlimited Vaping Pleasure

You never have to be concerned about running out of e-liquid with Lush Vape because of its enormous 10 ml capacity. Experience the enticing blend of ice coldness and a rush of luscious flavour, offering a genuinely rewarding sensation with every puff.

Ice Vaping’s 5% Nic Salt Formulation Provides Silky, Satisfying Hits

Enjoy Lush Ice’s mellow and fulfilling highs owing to its 5% Nic salt composition. You are able to completely appreciate the essence of rich vaping with each satisfying puff. Vaping is made pleasant and enjoyable by the ideal harmony of sweetness and chilly coldness.

Lush Ice and a Strong 650mAh Battery for Long-Lasting Performance

Ensure a longer vaping session.

Vaping Luscious provides sustained performance thanks to its strong 650 mAh battery. Without worrying about the battery life running out fast, enjoy lengthy vaping sessions. It is simple to recharge the smartphone when the battery runs out thanks to the Type C recharging connector, which is conveniently situated at the bottom of the gadget.

A hassle-free experience with a practical disposable design

Accept Simplicity When vaping.

For vapers who desire a hassle-free experience, Lush Vaping is the ideal option because of its disposable design. Say goodbye to the hassles of keeping reusable equipment in working order. Use Lush Vape up to the point when the battery or e-liquid runs out, and then properly dispose of it. With no additional maintenance required, this enables you to concentrate only on the enjoyment of vaping.

Travels Around the Lush Vape Pleasure

Discover the beautiful flavours of Lush Vape, which perfectly capture the spirit of refreshment in every puff. Whether you love lush disposable vaping, ice vaping, lush vaping, or just want the lush flavour, this throwaway gadget satisfies your demands and offers an enjoyable and stimulating vaping experience.

With Vape Lush, you may get the best cooling feeling. A gratifying and reviving vaping experience is provided by this superb fusion of luscious tastes and cold coolness. Lush Vape is the ideal partner for vapers looking for a distinctive and energising experience thanks to its 5000 puff disposable design, 5% Nic salt composition, and hassle-free simplicity. Let the chilly breath of ice carry you to vaping paradise as you lose yourself in the attraction of Lush Vape.

Immerse yourself in Ice Lush Vape’s hassle-free and seamless environment. It is the ideal partner for vapers looking for a vaping experience that is Lush-inspired because of its generous e-liquid capacity, smooth Nic salt composition, long-lasting battery, and simple disposable design. With the delicious flavours of ice coldness and lush sweetness, try Lush Ice Vape now and upgrade your vaping experience.

Additional information
Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 9 × 8 in

Box 10 Pieces, Master Case