The Tangy Delight: Sour Apple Vape is now available.

Greetings from the realm of Sour Apple Vape, a convenient vape with a flavorful kick. This outstanding disposable vape is loaded with a 5% Nic salt composition and provides an incredible 5000 puffs. ensuring that vapers have a smooth and hassle-free experience. With its remarkable 5000 puff capacity and 5% Nic salt composition, this disposable vape delivers a hassle-free and flawless vaping experience. This device, designed for vapers who are constantly on the go, offers the optimal balance of taste and ease, making it a great option for those looking for a gratifying and simple vape.

5000 Puffs of Sour Apple Vape Delight for Endless Pleasure

Experience the tantalising flavour of our sour apple e-liquid. Each puff carries you away to a world of tart ecstasy, with the apple’s inherent sweetness serving as the ideal counterbalance to the tartness. Enjoy this incredible mix of flavours and watch your taste senses dance. The Sour Apple Vape offers 5000 puffs, which ensures prolonged enjoyment. made especially for those who live busy lives. The sour apple provides the ideal harmony of energising and refreshing flavours. Enjoy the tantalising flavour of Sour Apple Bar and take your vaping experience to new levels of fulfilment. Our exceptional sour apple ice vape will give you a zingy rush of sour apple flavour.

5% Nic Salt Formulation for Smooth and Satisfying Hits

Every puff from the Sour Apple Vape will deliver a smooth and delicious sensation thanks to its 5% nicotine salt mix. Take in the nicotine and let it envelop your senses in a calm yet energising cloud. They provide a vaping experience that is genuinely enjoyable. Let the mouthwatering fusion of flavours and nicotine elevate your vaping experience to new levels of fulfilment. Our green apple vape delivers an amazing rush of tart flavour. With this handy disposable vape, indulge in the ideal combination of tartness and natural apple sweetness. With its seamless style and alluring flavour. The sour apple e-liquid delivers a unique vaping experience.

Performance That Lasts: Strong 650mAh Battery

The Sour Apple Ice guarantees consistent performance throughout your vaping sessions thanks to its strong 650 mAh battery. The smartphone is made to meet your expectations, so say goodbye to frequent recharges. When the battery does run out, it is simple to recharge the gadget and resume vaping right away thanks to the handy Type C recharging socket that is situated at the bottom of the device. Now, take your vaping experience to new levels of delight by giving the Sour Apple disposable vape a try.

A new definition of convenience: the Sour Apple Vape is a disposable design.

With the Green Apple Vape’s disposable design, you may enjoy the utmost in convenience. This gadget is ideal for vapers who want a hassle-free vaping experience because it doesn’t require maintenance or refills. Just savour the mouthwatering flavours up until the e-liquid or battery runs out, then properly dispose of the gadget. Enjoy the ease and flexibility that come with this amazing disposable vape.

The Ugly Monkey Vape Collection may be found here.

Discover the assortment of mouthwatering flavours in the Ugly Monkey vape collection to wow your senses. There is a flavour to fit every preference, from their distinctive Smoking Ugly Monkey Bar array to their delicious Ugly Monkey Ice Hyde collection. Explore the wild and seductive charm of Ugly Monkey’s excellent vapes by going on a flavour trip with them.

In conclusion, the smooth design and tart, acidic apple flavour of the green apple hyde provide for a wonderful vaping experience. This disposable vape is made to exceed your expectations with its astounding 5000 puffs, 5% Nic salt composition, and strong 650 mAh battery. With the Sour Apple Bar, you can take your vaping experience to new heights while discovering the enticing flavours of the Ugly Monkey vape collection. Taste it now and let the tart joy of sour apples tempt your palate.

Additional information
Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 9 × 8 in

Box 10 Pieces, Master Case